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Classic Barbering Is Alive And Well

The Flat Top: An All American Classic

The flat top was the quintessential 1950s American haircut.  

It gained popularity during the Second War as a military haircut that resembled the flat surface of an aircraft carrier.  

To me it's a perfect icon of pure Americana and the definition of a barber shop haircut.  

 Like the barber shop itself, the flat top faded in popularity during the hippie era in the sixties, the disco days of the seventies, the punk rock and new wave moments in the eighties, and the long hair years of the nineties.   I know.  I had all those haircuts.  But this priceless gold nugget of old school cool never went away.

 So why do guys constantly tell me that that they move to       Santa Fe and can't find anyone who will even attempt a flat top? 

"We don't do flat tops.  It's not the nineteen fifties any more."  

 Wrong, Junior.  

In my chair, it is the nineteen fifties any more.  

And it always will be.